Have a Good Laugh with these Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny wedding cake toppers are something that wedding guests always look forward to seeing. After all, it is always a delight to see a couple so comfortable with each other that they can learn to laugh at themselves and with each other. A couple who knows how to lighten up will be able to be stronger together when challenges come. These funny wedding cake toppers are personally requested by couples. It is their idea to come up with these unique and amusing cake topper designs. It’s a great way to show their guests how much they enjoy each other’s company.

Getting Pulled by the Tide of Love

Speed Boat Cake Toppers

When you see the description of these speed boat cake toppers, you would probably wonder how they can be funny cake toppers. You can image that anyone in a speedboat would like very chic and glamorous and not funny at all. But think again. This figure shows the bride driving a speedboat, she wears her wedding gown, and she gleefully looks forward, appearing to be oblivious to where she’s going. The bride looks glamorous, yes, but behind her is her very goofy looking groom. It turns out that the bride is actually pulling the groom who is on a wakeboard. He is wearing a tan coat, and red swimming shorts. It’s an amusing and funny scene, and definitely shows the couple’s funny side.

Level Up with Love

Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Cake Topper

A Mario cake topper may be more commonly seen during a birthday party, but it can be seen at weddings too. This particular figure depicts the bride and groom as Super Mario and his beloved Princess Peach. It shows the characters wearing wedding attire. Mario is in a white suit, but his iconic hat is still present. He is standing atop a question box to reach Princess Peach’s height. Princess Peach is wearing a white wedding gown, different from her usual pink gown. But her hair, crown and face remain the same. It’s such a cute cake topper and many children will want to catch a glimpse of this kiddie yet meaningful design.

Love and Sport

Cake Sports Toppers Wedding

Sports cake toppers are fun designs for couples who love to bond through sports. This cake topper shows the bride wearing her wedding gown, a white strapless dress with a flattering sweetheart neckline. Her hair flows around her in elegant curls. What deviates from her formal attire is the fact that she is holding a football in one hand and a sports pennant in the other hand. The groom is wearing his tuxedo, a black coat with slacks, but inside his coat is a green Eagles jersey shirt. He is holding a hockey puck, and beside him, on the base, is a basketball. This couple obviously loves sports and it shows in their wedding cake topper design.

Diving for the Line

Diving Cake Toppers

These diving cake toppers may seem normal looking to you, but if you look closely, you will find details that are interesting and are actually very amusing. This particular one shows a couple who obviously love to dive because they are in diving suits – black with blue trim. They are both standing atop a beach island, with starfish surrounding them. The bride and groom look excited to go diving, and they are excited to shed their wedding attire to be able to explore the seas. In fact, they are holding their wedding attire already, as if both ready to discard them so they can immediately go diving. It’s refreshing to see a couple that are excited to go to adventures together.

A Kiss for Luck

CC0187-Kissing Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

These kissing toppers for wedding cake are unique, romantic and adorable at the same time. This one is very elegantly made and you will marvel at the details put into the creation of this figure to make the design work. The figure shows the bride and groom in a sweet kiss. They are in their formal wedding attire. The bride is striking in her long, white gown. Her yellow blonder hair is flowing in gentle waves around her. Her groom is wearing a beige suit, and he is holding to his bride tightly. To add a funny twist to the figure, we see that the bride’s leg is raised beneath her skirt – in imitation of a cartoon kind of kiss. The figure is simple, yet it evokes so many positive emotions. It’s a cute way to to top off a wedding cake.

A Very Scottish Wedding

Scottish Wedding Cake Topper

Authentic Scottish wedding cake toppers are surely such fun figures to design. First of all, there is always an element of joy and vigor in all Scottish men. Maybe it’s in the way they enjoy dancing, singing and drinking, but they always seem to be out to have fun. This is why these toppers, though they may appear to be formal, are also quite amusing and entertaining to see. It shows the bride and groom in their wedding gown. The bride is in a traditional white gown. The groom is in full Scottish garb – down to the green and blue plaid kilt. To top of this very Scottish design, the couple is being flanked by their pets – two dogs, who are also wearing the Scottish plaid kilt as a neck kerchief.

Completing the Picture

Wedding Cake Topper with Child

What could be more fun than a wedding cake topper featuring a bride and a groom? A wedding cake topper with child. There is something so adorable and touching about including the couple’s child in the cake topper. Though the ceremony is really a celebration of the bride and groom’s love for each other, they opted to include another individual in the circle – their child. This figure shows the bride and groom wearing their wedding attire. Between them is their little boy, posing in a playful manner. Beside the groom is their pet dog, and behind them, their pet cat is curled up and asleep. It is the perfect family picture. This is definitely a great way to remember a lovely occasion.

Every Gamer’s Dream

Xbox Wedding Cake Topper

These X-box wedding cake toppers are dreams come true for gamers everywhere. Not only do their brides tolerate their gaming, they also allowed it to be included in the wedding cake topper. This interesting and amusing figure shows the bride wearing her wedding gown – an ivory, strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. Her dark hair is flowing behind her, and she seems to be patiently waiting for her groom. Her groom is seated in front of a screen, holding an x-box console, and he is intently playing on it. On the ground is their pet dog. The inclusion of the xbox is a geek reference, and it is definitely funny and amusing.

The Fun Outdoorsy Couple

Canoeing Cake Toppers

This canoe cake topper is so unlike any wedding cake topper that is why it is extra unique and interesting. It shows the bride and groom, but you wouldn’t even know they were getting married from the clothes they are wearing. The groom is dressed in full lumberjack attire, from a check shirt, a John Deere hat, and a thick beard. The bride is wearing a sunny yellow dress, sunglasses propped against her hair, and a happy carefree smile. They are both standing atop a green canoe. It’s light, breezy, and fun and you can see how happy the couple is basking in the great outdoors.

Goal for Love

Soccer Cake Toppers

These soccer cake toppers are extra fun because soccer is always such a fun sport to watch. All the fans are so passionate, and for sure, they will enjoy seeing this cake topper design. This cake topper shows the couple in both Las Chivas and Barcelona soccer uniforms down to their shoes. They are happily donning these jerseys and standing gleefully atop a soccer pitch. Between them is a soccer ball that is just waiting for that first kick. This couple obviously bond over soccer and it is fun to see how much they value this bond by including it as a part of their wedding ceremony.

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